Monday, October 03, 2005

Millions watch annular eclipse

Millions watch annular eclipse
03/10/2005 20:03 - (SA)

Madrid - Millions of people living in Europe, Africa and Asia watched on Monday as the moon passed across the face of the sun, causing an annular eclipse in which only a fiery solar rim could be seen.

The corridor in which this dramatic event could be seen was a narrow one, snaking from the North Atlantic, where it started at 08:41, across the Iberian peninsula and to northern and eastern Africa before petering out in the Indian Ocean at 12:22.

Countries that lie on this path included Portugal and Spain as well as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, northern Chad, central Sudan, southwestern Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

The inhabitants of Madrid were among the first to see the spectacle during which the sun was obscured for four minutes, the Spanish capital lying in the centre of the strip from which the phenomenon could be seen in its fullest form.

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