Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation

Beeline for bite of Meera’s kiss

London, Sept. 24: Asian movie fans in the Muslim-dominated city of Bradford were today flocking to have a nazar of Pakistani actor Meera, who was due to be “in conversation” at a film festival called Bite the Mango.

Her appearance has been well flagged by festival authorities, who said: “Meera — the star of Nazar and the talk of Bollywood at the moment — will talk on stage about her work as a Pakistani actor in India and, no doubt, the furore caused by her on-screen kiss with co-star Ashmit Patel.”

The festival’s director, Irfan Ajeeb, who has devoted much energy over the past decade to bringing Hindus and Muslims, Indians and Pakistanis, closer together through cinema, has concentrated on giving the entries a much needed “Pakistan focus” this year.

“There is more to Pakistani cinema than Lollywood, just as there is more to Indian cinema than Bollywood,” said Ajeeb, whose father Mohammed Ajeeb, a former Lord Mayor of Bradford, was the first Asian to hold such a position in the UK.

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