Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wired News: Did 'Spam Factory' Steal Data?

Did 'Spam Factory' Steal Data?
Associated Press, 12:47 PM Aug. 12, 2005 PT

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas -- On the hunt for a hacker two years ago, security officials at data-management company Acxiom discovered that an internet address at one of its clients' contractors was taking far more data than it should have.

The e-mail marketing contractor, Florida-based, gathered contact information and sent bulk-e-mail advertisements and sweepstakes offers on behalf of advertisers. But downloading 1.6 billion customer records -- the equivalent of 550 telephone books filled with names, e-mail and postal addresses -- wasn't part of the job.

Prosecutors say the company and its owner, Scott Levine, were stealing the data from Acxiom servers for its own purposes.

Read the full article here : Wired News: Did 'Spam Factory' Steal Data?

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