Monday, August 22, 2005

'I'm Samaira's guardian'- The Times of India

'I'm Samaira's guardian'

NEW DELHI: Karisma Kapoor told the court that a father’s right over a minor child is neither absolute nor a right.

She claimed that as per Section 4 of the Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956, she is the guardian of her daughter. Karisma said she had the right to apply for her daughter’s passport since she has her physical custody and care.

Karisma said she was not obliged to take Sunjay’s consent consequent to his "constructive desertion".

The petition is an attempt to harass the minor child rather than to protect her, she claimed. She added that her application seeking a passport for Samaira was legally justified.

Karisma said she wanted to travel to New York as she was invited to attend the silver jubilee celebration of the India Day Parade.

The actress has challenged the jurisdiction of a Delhi court to hear the petition. The husband is supposed to file his rejoinder to the affidavits filed by Karisma and the Centre by August 24. The court will hear the matter on August 26.

Read the article here : 'I'm Samaira's guardian'- The Times of India

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