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Sony Launches The Bean
Techtree News Staff

Sony has launched the Walkman Bean, a flash memory based MP3 player combining an innovative ergonomic design with ultimate ease of use.

'Bean', so-named because of its unique shape, features a direct 'pop-up' USB jack, which can be inserted in to a PC to transfer music with complete convenience.

Walkman Bean features a bright 1-line OLED display making navigation through track listings simple, up to 50-hour playback from a Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery and a super high-speed charge facility, which provides the user with 3 hours play from just a 3-minute charge.

Gregory Kukolj, general manager, personal audio, Sony, said, "Walkman Bean is sure to be the most instantly appealing digital music player on the market. It combines striking design with optimum functionality and is fun, engaging and simple to use. All that, combined with an attractive price point, will make Walkman Bean irresistible to the consumer".

Walkman Bean is available in the following great colourways: Tropical Ice (Blue), Cotton Candy (Pink), Licorice (Black) and Coconut (White). All colours take their inspiration from various flavours of jellybean, owing to the shape of the device.

Walkman Bean will be available in both 512MB and 1 GB capacity. There will also be a 512 MB model with a built in FM tuner.

Walkman Bean features ATRAC3plus and MP3 Playback and ships with SonicStage 3.2 file management software.

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