Thursday, August 11, 2005

Shabana to play Ash's mom in 'Umrao Jaan' -

Shabana to play Ash's mom in 'Umrao Jaan'
Wednesday August 10 2005 15:01 IST


MUMBAI: If Aishwarya Rai as "Umrao Jaan" strikes you as the ultimate casting coup, then wait till you hear what movie moghul J.P. Dutta has lined up next.

It's the mother of all castings: the formidable Shabana Azmi has agreed to play Umrao Jaan's mother in J.P's version of the legendary love story.

It must be remembered that Shabana's mother, the indomitable Shaukat Azmi, had played "Umrao" Rekha's mother in the 1981 version of the film by Muzaffar Ali.

"My 'Umrao Jaan' is a totally different film based on a totally different screenplay," clarified J.P., who returned from London a day before the July 7 blasts. His wife Bindiya and two daughters are still there, though very much safe and sound.

"My father (O.P. Dutta) wrote his script nearly 20 years ago. He originally wanted to cast Nimmi as Umrao. But I guess I was destined to do the needful, with Ash."

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