Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Mangal Pandey, huge disapppointment at Locarno" -

"Mangal Pandey, huge disapppointment at Locarno"
By Subhash K Jha, Thursday, 18 August , 2005, 11:17

Of late there has been an alarming trend in Bollywood of any and every filmmaker claiming that his film has been entered for an international film festival. Earlier we had a series of nondescript films claiming to be nominated for Cannes. Now we have the people behind Mangal Pandey claiming that their film got rave reviews at the ongoing Locarno film festival.

Did The Rising, a.k.a Mangal Pandey get a standing ovation at Locarno when it was screened last week? That's what the people behind the film claim.

According to director Ketan Mehta, "We saw the response of 8000 people.They gave the film a standing ovation. The critics also wrote favourably…."

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