Thursday, August 18, 2005

PC Pro: News: Microsoft prices Xbox 360

Microsoft prices Xbox 360
Thursday 18th August 2005 12:53PM

No dates, but prices have been revealed for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox games console, the 360.

Prices for the 'Core' system start at £209.99 for the UK, €299.99 for Europe and $299.99 for the USA. For those of you concerned about cross Atlantic pricing schemes, this translates - on a dollar basis - into a cost of $377 for the UK and $368 for Europe. It appears the UK gamer is once again paying a price premium compared to our continental cousins.

The core system includes a wired Controller (on a nine-foot cable), the standard 'chill' white faceplate that can be swapped for customisation, and a standard AV Cable. With a built-in Ethernet port and a 'Silver level of service' out of the box, Xbox 360 will also connect players to the existing Xbox Live online gaming network.

Prices will increase depending on accessories bundled. The Xbox 360 list comprises: a 64MB Memory Unit (£22.99), a Wireless Controller (£32.99), a Play & Charge Kit (£14.99), a Rechargeable battery pack (£9.99), a Wireless Networking Adapter (£59.99), a Headset (£14.99), a Universal Media Remote (£19.99), a S-Video AV Cable (£17.99), and a VGA HD AV Cable (£19.99).

A Premium edition of the console, costing £279.99, includes a 20GB detachable hard disk.

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